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Full Guide Home Tours - Areate Realty

Director, Camera OP, Editor, Sound Capture/Editing, Motion Design

Looking to move away from the typical "follow-behind" home tours; We did our best to filmed all tours in an episodic manner.

Filming compelling real estate videos are always tough and I wanted to get away from the typical follow the talking realtor setup. All tours were broken into three sections, an intro, tour, and the a final review. During filiming I made conscious attempts to not follow the subject through openings, planning and filming pickup transitions shots when needed.

I always made sure to shoot wide and keep my distance from the subject, this allowed less of a need to shoot BROLL, show size comparison between the subject and the rooms, and focus on both the house and the subject talking in the frame with one not dominating the other.

These shoots were always tricky...since all of the homes were demo unit or sales offices, we were never allow a closed off uninterrupted set on filming day.





Blackmagic Pocket Cinema 4K, Atomos Ninja V

DaVinci Resolve, Fusion, Izotope RX